Thoroughbred Horses For Sale

Former Prospect Horse Horse at the Track – Allegigent. . . from Bits & Bytes Farm

Thoroughbreds are a very special breed. They love to please their people and they are very sensitive. Not everyone is a good match for a Thoroughbred. You cannot bully them or force them. You need patience, confidence and lots of love to work with a Thoroughbred. You will be rewarded with a partner that will trust you completely and work hard to please and then ask if he can give you what you want again.


Former Prospect Horse Horse at the Track – Allegiant working out in the morning with Becky before she was sold. Photo copyright John Englehardt.

The Secret of Our Success

You do not have to have a huge budget to purchase a wonderful competitive Thoroughbred. The secret of getting a good horse is knowing his background and knowing that he has had good care. We have partners who work at the track. They are always watching for good horses who are ready for a new career. We only work with people we know and trust to tell us the truth about the horses we place. A vet check confirms that the horse is as represented.

We offer three ways to purchase Thoroughbreds off-the-track.

  • If your budget is limited, consider a Prospect Horse that is still at the track.
  • If you must see and ride the horse first, schedule a visit to meet the
    horses in training at Bits & Bytes Farm.
  • The third option is horses that we have sold that have become available for resale.
    These are horses that we have helped place that are now available for resale from their current owners.

Read our Pricing Information page to understand how these horses are priced. Our horses are not rescue horses.

Information to understand before buying our horses . . .

  1. Buy a Prospect horse directly from the track . . .Read our "Buying a Track Prospect Horse" page before calling.
  2. Buy from Bits & Bytes Farm . . .Read the pages "Buying a B&B Farm Horse" page and "Visiting Bits & Bytes Farm" then call us.
  3. Buy a Resale horse from a current owner of a horse we have placed.


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