His Last Hurrah aka 'Misty' has been SOLD!

Resale Thoroughbreds

These are horses that we have helped find homes for who are now in need of a new home. Sometimes lives change, jobs are lost or a move is necessary. The horses we have gotten off-the-track can always be listed on our site - FREE OF CHARGE - for as long as they are alive no matter who currently owns them.

We never want to hear of one of the horses we placed having ended up at auction or in a bad situation. When you purchase a horse with Bits & Bytes Farm's assistance you  promise to stay in touch and let us help them find a new home for their horse should it become necessary when you sign the Bill of Sale. Some buyers break their promise which makes it very difficult to help them or find the horse a new home should that become necessary.

Do not buy one of our horses if you cannot honor the commitment to stay in touch and provide updates for the OTTB Success Stories. We do not put any restrictions on selling the horse, we do not set the price or tell you who to sell to. We just help you market the horse for FREE on our Web sites. We need you to keep up the Success Stories and give us current photos so that we can honestly represent your horse to potential buyers. The more Success Stories your horse has, the more quickly he will find a new home.

We are in the business of promoting the Thoroughbred race horse as a sport horse when his racing career is over. The buyers help us fulfill our mission by sharing their stories on our Web sites.

We currently do not have any resale Thoroughbreds available. They are all currently being loved by their owners.


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