Thoroughbreds for sale from the race track.

Buying a Track Prospect Horse

Allegiant is a 2005, 16.2 hand chestnut filly who was SOLD to Amanda Caldwell of Georgia in June 2009.

If you are an experienced horse person with a limited budget, you have found the source of great Thoroughbred horses for sale at reasonable prices.

The Prospect Horses are horses that are still racing or on the owner’s farm. These horses usually do not have any other training except race training. They have been selected for their temperament and soundness to fulfill our Mission Statement. They are bought from the photos and descriptions on their pages. They are not available for you to see or to ride. If you are not comfortable buying a horse this way, look at our Bits & Byte Farm horses.

If you are unsure about purchasing a horse directly from the track, read our OTTB Success Stories and see what it is really like to purchase a horse directly off-the-track. We have sold horses to children and older women. It is all about matching the horse to the buyer. Tell us about your and your skills and we call tell you if you are a match. If you are timid or need a trainer to hold your hand, these horses are not for you. If you have confidence and patience, you will not have any difficulty transitioning one of our track prospect horses.

The Process

  1. Read the information posted on this site and choose a horse. You can use the Search box to find a horse that matches your needs. For example type: “chestnut” in the Search box and find horses that are chestnuts.
  2. Call to see if the horse is still available. Horses are not marked sold until they are really sold. A horse may have a deposit on him and not be available. We might also have other horses not yet listed that you can find out about. Do not be afraid to call for information. If you are a serious buyer – lets get going. If you just want more information about Thoroughbreds and our process, we are happy to talk with you as well. We are not going to talk you into buying a horse.
  3. If we decide that you are a good match for one of the horses, and the horse is within your budget, the next step is to deposit the full cost of the horse in the Bits & Bytes Farm bank account. We hold your money to protect it in case you change your mind. The money can be deposited directly at a branch of our bank or may be wired to our bank. We will give you the bank information when you call.

    Amanda found her new horse on our Prospect Horses at the Track page.
    Amanda found her new horse on our Prospect Horses at the Track page.
  4. You will receive a written [tipsy content=”Your money is 100% refundable until you sign the Bill of Sale. Even if the horse passes the vet check and you have second thoughts!” group=”1″ use_oembed=”false” ]Deposit Confirmation[/tipsy] when you send us proof of the deposit. Your money is 100% refundable for any reason until you sign and fax us the signed Bill of Sale. You will also be put in touch with our track contact and the owner/trainer of the horse. You will be able to look up the horse’s race records and pedigree after we receiver your deposit. Do your homework and see if this is the horse for you.
  5. If you decide to move forward, we will help you find a vet to do a vet check. You will be put in touch with the vet directly and he/she will report the findings to you. If you like the results of the vet check, request a Bill of Sale. If you are not satisfied with the results of the vet check you can request your deposit be returned or be moved to another horse and the process will start again. 100% of your money will be returned if you do not chose to go through with the purchase of the prospect horse.
  6. He passed! What next? Ask for the Bill of Sale. The Bill of Sale is a very important document. It is your promise to help us promote the Thoroughbred ex-race horse as a sport horse by providing us with Success Stories  updates. It is also our promise to help you find a home for this horse in the future should it become necessary to sell him. We will add your horse to our Web sites and help you market him – for FREE! If you honor your promise to keep up with the Success Stories, it should be easy to find a home for your horse. The owners/trainers we place horses for, follow our  OTTB Success Stories and they want to know what has happened to their horses. If you do not stay in touch, we cannot help you if you have problems and it will be harder to help you sell the horse should it become necessary. You also make it impossible for us to fulfill our promise to the sellers that we will post the Success Stories so they know their horses are OK.
  7. Sign the Bill of Sale only when you are 100% sure you want the horse. Fax it back to us. When we receive it, we will wire the money to the seller of the horse and the horse will be yours!
  8. “Oh my gosh! How do I get my new horse?” Relax. Arranging for shipping is the easiest part of the process. We have a list of shippers and we will arrange for the paperwork so that your horse can come home! We do this all the time and we have shipped horses across the country and even out of the country.
  9. Call us when your horse arrives! We worry until the horse is safely home. We want to know how you like your new horse. Send photos and an update so that the horse’s former people know their horse is OK.
  10. Stay in touch. Call if you have worries or concerns or just want to brag on your horse. We love hearing from you.
  11. If you need to find a new home for your horse . . . When you sign our Bill of Sale you agree to let us know if you need to find a new home for your horse. We will always help you market your horse with our Web sites and we will even screen potential buyers if you would like us to. We never want to find that one of our horses went to auction or slaughter. We promise our breeders/trainer sellers to help your horse find a home for the rest of his life — WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE! There is no incentive for us to sell you a horse that is not a good match. We understand that life situations change sometimes and your horse may need a new home. We do not tell you what to sell the horse for or who to sell it to but we hope that whoever buys the horse will also remain in touch and we will help them with the transition and finding a new home if necessary.

Off-the-Track Thoroughbred Allegiant and her young owner Amanda.


Allegiant and Amanda – “The A Team 2”. Amanda and Allegiant hope to do Pony Club and eventing together while Amanda is still in high school. Click to read their OTTB Success Stories. This is a photo of their first ride together and three years later in the photo below.

Amanda and Allegiant - Three years off-the-track

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