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We have created a new web site to make it easy to see all the Prospect Horses (horses at the track or their owners’ farm) at one quick view. Visit and bookmark to find pre-screened sound Thoroughbred sport horse prospects.  These Thoroughbred horses for sale are still at the track or at their owners’ farms. We usually do not have video and you are purchasing them sight unseen with a vet check.

Read the page. “Buying a Track Prospect Horse” to understand the process. If you are not comfortable buying this way, please look at the horses in training at Bits & Bytes Farm or our Resale Horses. We have horses in all price ranges. Check out our page titled Pricing Information or read our FAQ page for answers to some of the most common questions. We do not give prices by e-mail. Please call for pricing.

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Pre Flight- Thoroughbred Horse For Sale - Bits & Bytes Farm

Pre Flight is a 2016, 16 hand chestnut gelding for sale from his owner/trainer. He is still young so expect that he will grow some.

He has had just one win
in 12 starts and that is why he is looking for a new career. Pre Flight's pedigree says he should be a good racehorse. He is extremely well-bred. His sire is Birdstone who won $1,575,600! Pre Flight has won just $16,643. So there is no question as to why he needs a new career. Pre Flight is listed for one of our favorite owner/trainers that we sell horses for. All of his horses are started properly and go right to a new career without drama. We are always excited to represent his horses.

Pre Flight is clean legged and vice free. He is up-to-date on everything. He loads fine on the trailer. He can be a little timid on track but we think that would change when he finds a new career. He is a good looking guy with tons of growing and filling out left to do. This is a sweet horse.

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