Does Your Horse Need Chiropractic Care?

Does your horse need chiropractic care?
Does your horse need chiropractic care?

Does your horse buck? Does he kick out sideways when you ask for the canter? Is she shorter stepped on one rear leg when you lunge her?

Many horses come off-the-track back sore. If their hips are locked it can cause what might appear to be a serious lameness issue. Before you panic, call a chiropractor. Most horses will benefit from an adjustment or two. Follow this up with lunging work and backing, to build up the muscles, to hold the adjustment. We even have a list of exercises for you to do.

Any horse can put his back out just like humans. They run and play in the pasture and kick out at their buddies. They can land wrong off a jump and tweak their back as well. Our chiropractor regularly sees dressage horses, hunter/jumpers and event horses. Sore backs is not just an OTTB issue.

We have a page to help you decide if your horse needs some chiropractic help. We have added a new video to the page to help you see the signs of a horse needing an adjustment. Check it out and get your horse sound more quickly. It is listed under Training Notes From Elizabeth on the older section of our Web site. Check out the other Training Notes From Elizabeth for more information on training off-the-track Thoroughbred horse. The link is on the left side of most pages in the Training Menu.

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