3.6 Inches of Snow In Atlanta!

I know you Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland people who got 36 inches are laughing but 3.6 inches of snow is a record here at Bits & Bytes Farm. Fortunately, we are in the deep south and within hours it was already melting away. Barry got to drive the farm “snow plow” aka tractor to plow the driveway clear so it could melt and dry before turning into ice. The arena had very wet snow so training was limited to walking and bending exercises because of the snow balls forming in the hooves of the horses. Barry and I took a walk in our woods on the riding trails to take some unforgettable photos of our property in the winter. Enjoy the photos!

Snow Tip from Sandra Larson all the way from Italy . . . sometimes a good coating of Vaseline, or a thick, gooey hoof dressing (not the liquid stuff) on the sole and frog can help keep the snow from balling up under their hooves. Obviously, it can only last so long, but it can make turnout, or light riding in the ring a lot safer! There are also anti-balling pads that can go under the shoes, but that’s only worth it in climes much snowier than yours!

–Thank you Sandra!

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