A Passion for Thoroughbreds

Passion Directed - Thoroughbred horse sold by Bits & Bytes Farm

Congratulations to Julia Brown on the purchase of Passion Directed aka “Passion”.

“Passion” generated lots of interest when she first appeared on our Facebook page. Within four hours over 2400 people had viewed her photo and information. Within 18 hours we had a contract on her. Unfortunately, the first buyer realized that he did not have the time to bring home a new horse while traveling for business. When the excitement of getting this beautiful horse met with the reality of a busy schedule, he did the right thing and decided not to take on the horse, the day before the vet check.

We want our buyers to be totally convinced that getting a Thoroughbred off-the-track is what they have the resources to do. Resources being not only financial, but skills, training assistance and the time to work closely with the new horse. We don’t want a dime of your money if you are not 100% committed to making it work with the Thoroughbred you get from Bits & Bytes Farm.

We refunded this buyer’s full deposit. We never mark a horse as SOLD! for this reason. We have backup buyers in case someone changes their mind so that the horse will have a chance at a second career – even if the first buyer changes his mind.

Passion Directed was sold by Bits & Bytes FarmSo don’t be upset if you call and find the horse you want is under contact or sold. We will take your information and get back to you if the first buyer chooses not to take the horse. It happens all the time. People get excited and then reality sets in.  Sometimes a horse will not vet for what one buyer wants to do yet is sound for a less strenuous second career. We will disclose the results of the first vet check and tell you why the buyer choose not to take the horse.

We want it to be a perfect match and we do all that we can to support our buyers and sellers. We are not interested in “horse trading”. Our mission is to promote the Thoroughbred horse as a sport horse and our OTTB Success Stories are the proof that ex-race horses make great sport and family horses. Selling horses is not our business. Sometimes the real business of making a living designing Web sites keeps us from doing timely updates. Alas, I am finally posting about Passion Directed being sold almost week ago.

It may be that the horse you call about has been sold but by calling we can tell you about some other horses we have not had the time to get up on the Web site. Call, but don’t be disappointed if the horse you didn’t call on yesterday is sold today. Don’t worry . . . there is no shortage of Thoroughbred horses for sale. We are very careful about the horses we select to market on our Web site. We need to be sure that we can honestly represent the horse both in soundness and personality. So, don’t be concerned if you don’t find a horse this week on our Web site – you might find one next week or the week after that. Just check back or better yet, give us a call and see what horses we have not had the time to get up on the site. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ our Facebook page. We put the horses up there first and then get them over to the Web site as time allows.

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