Affordable Christmas Gift Idea for Animal Lovers!

eberhardt_ricky072009Budgets are tight this year for everyone. . . especially horse owners! We love our animals. We scrimp and save every dime we earn so that we can provide them with what they need. Our pets and horses live a much shorter life than we do and that is their only flaw. We love them so much and loose them all too quickly.

There is a way to keep their memory alive and honor them.

Have a custom drawing done of your pet or horse!

Oh sure you say, “Get an original drawing done. I just spent all my money on my horse, dog, cat, etc.”

We have a solution. Go to Pet Portraits at Your Price. Artist and fellow poor horse owner, Melanie Eberhardt (Bubba’s mom), will create a portrait of your pet – at whatever you can pay.

Barney the Cat
Barney the Cat

Here is Melanie’s story:
Don’t be intimidated by setting your own price! You’re not going to insult me, ever. I have started this site for my own motivations – I enjoy learning about your pets, why are they special and what are their personalities. I have A LOT of pets and spend hours watching their antics – its better than TV. As an artist, your pet portrait gives me a reason to draw – something I thoroughly enjoy doing and seldom have the opportunity. What you are able to pay is the most irrelevant factor in this venture. I want people to have a way to honor their special pets, to share their stories and to promote original art. Art doesn’t have to be expensive, it shouldn’t be intimidating. Art should be thoughtful and make you feel good. And as an artist, every sale is a compliment – so thank you in advance! Click here to read the stories of other pet portraits.

Artist Melanie Eberhardt and her horse Bubba.
Artist Melanie Eberhardt and her horse "Bubba".

Melanie has set a minimum fee of $10. If you can afford more, great! Melanie has several horses, dogs and cats to feed. $10 will buy her pets food too! You will not offend her. She loves to draw and she wants your pet’s story for her Web site. Honor your pet or get a pet portrait done for a friend who lost her pet this past year. Give a gift that will be remembered and treasured forever – an original illustration!

Hurry, Christmas is just around the corner! Click to order your pet’s portrait. Now you CAN afford original art!

Mention mention Bits & Bytes Farm when you order your illustration and Melanie will donate 10% of the sale to a Thoroughbred non-profit of your choice.

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