Amos and Andy

Amos and Andy – A Tale of Two Race Horses

Amos and Andy - Read "The Rest of the Story"

This is the kind of story that you might hear Paul Harvey tell if he were still alive. It would start out with, “Here’s a strange…” (his way of announcing a story with an unusual twist) and it would end with, “And now you know, ‘The Rest of the Story’.”

The racing industry is not all that large and the good trainers and owners stand out. They care about their horses and it shows–in the way they race them and in the way they retire them. At Bits & Bytes Farm we have been very privileged to work with some of the best trainers, breeders and owners to help them find homes for their race horses when their racing days are over. For this we are thankful.

Recently, we were in Kentucky visiting with two special breeders. At the first farm we were checking out the new foals and learning about which horses were nearing the end of their racing careers. At the second farm we were picking up a beautiful grey mare, Postal Pam, that we sold to a good friend who had already purchase two Bits & Bytes Farm Prospect Horses (horses direct from the track or their owner’s farm). We were also taking photos of our newest Prospect Horse For Sale who we call, “Bandsmen” and that is where our strange story begins.

I wish Paul Harvey was here to tell the story in his voice but I know you will enjoy reading our story, “Amos and Andy — A Tale of Two Race Horses” and when you do . . . you will know, “The Rest of the Story”.

Happy Thanksgiving from Bits & Bytes Farm!
Elizabeth & Barry

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