And They’re Off. . . to Keeneland!

More from Alex Kemper (Tucks St. Aly) on our trip to Kentucky . . .

However, we finished our Friday afternoon watching a few of the races at the track and enjoying the famous Marker’s Mark Bread pudding, of course! As we like to be at the heart of the action, we got several great shots right at the starting gate and at the winner’s circle.

I think since we are all about OTTB’s, we feel closer to these race-horses, because at any time, if any of the horses begin not to perform so well, we could easily be placing them or easing them into farm and regular horse life away from the track! After all, this is just about the life-style many of our boys were used to before we got them.

Many of the horses Bits & Bytes Farm has placed have raced at Keeneland. See more photos of Keeneland during the races and on our Keeneland in the morning post.

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