Brassador - Thoroughbred Horse for sale

Another Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

Brassador - Chestnut Thoroughbred horse for saleOver the years of finding homes for ex-race horses, we have built relationships with their trainers, owners and breeders. We have several breeders for whom we sell their geldings, broodmares and horses they decided not to race.

Brassador is a Thoroughbred gelding who has never raced. He was broke by his breeder and has been her pleasure horse for several years. She has decided that he is too nice to just hang around and she has asked us to find him a show home. “Brass” has a sweet personality and would make a great horse for someone who wants a special friend to compete with. He is believed sound for any career.

Read more about this wonderful Thoroughbred horse from sale directly from his breeder. We know his entire history!

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