August 31 – New Horses! New Photos!

Check out "Marvin". He is 17 hands and still growing!

It was great to take the weekend and spend it with friends in Kentucky. We got to watch the Travers with “real” Thoroughbred breeders. We also enjoyed some Kentucky Bourbon and a picnic on the porch of a 1700’s Kentucky farm house. The next day it was back to our mission of helping beautiful Thoroughbreds find new homes so we were off to the track bright and early as the sun was rising. It was a nice mini vacation!

We found some wonderful horses. The first three new Thoroughbred Horses For Sale directly from the race track are now posted with their own pages. We spent Sunday morning meeting their owners, trainers, grooms and riders to get the full story on each of them.

We also brought home Cortableau for our number one buyer – Dr. Laura Durham-Dixon. This makes seven horses now when you count the horses she has helped her friends buy. What better testament to the quality and temperament of  off-the-track Thoroughbreds than buyers who purchase more than one! We have many buyers who have purchased two, three or even more horses.

Bath time at the track.
Bath time at the track. How many non race horses will stand without being tied for their bath? This race horse does! It was still during training hours and there were other horses coming and going by the whole time.

Buying Thoroughbred horses sight unseen from a Web site is scary.

But, it is actually not a bad way to buy a horse. We have done the leg work to find them and check on their history and personality. We remove the emotion and share the facts: size, age, pedigree, history, temperament. A race horse’s history is public record and cannot be distorted. We match the above facts with your needs, then, the only thing left to check out is the horse’s soundness. There are many licensed vets at the race tracks who will examine the horse to your specifications. If the horse is not sound for what you want to do, you can move on to one that is and there is no emotional attachment that might make you purchase even if the horse is not sound. We remove the emotion so buy you the horse that fits your needs. We are here to answer new owners’ questions and concerns before and AFTER the sale. Read more details about buying a Thoroughbred horse with Bits & Bytes Farm’s help.

Our mission is finding good homes for ex-race horses. We will do what ever we can to make sure you find the horse of your dreams and know how to train and care for him. Try it! You might just find yourself in our “Frequent Buyers’ Club” like Laura Durham-Dixon and many others.

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