Bargain Bay Beauty – SOLD!

Beautiful bay filly needs to find a home ASAP!

UPDATE: Our beautiful bay mare will soon be on her way to Georgia. She was purchased by a previous buyer, Susan Llewallyn Goodman, DVM . Imatexan will be in training at Bits & Bytes Farm for a little while. Give us a call and stop by and see what a horse right off-the-track looks and acts like. We will post stories of her training with her new mom.

We got a call today from one of our track contacts about a very nice bay filly who is not going to make it as a race horse. She has been in training and she is sloooow. The trainer has more horses to bring into the track and not enough stalls so she has to go this week.  SOLD!

See more photos of  Imatexan.

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