“Cordon Bleu” – Grey Horse At Risk

Cordon Blue needs a home today!
Cordon Blue needs a home today!

UPDATE: Cortableau aka “Cordon Bleau” has a new mom! Congratulations to Laura Durham-Dixon of Griffin, GA!

“Cordon Bleu’s” owner’s wife is battling cancer. He is getting out of racing and needs the funds to help pay medical bills. We had a buyer back out BEFORE the vet check and now the horse is AT RISK!#@! The former potential buyer has jeopardized our relationship with this trainer and may cost this horse (and others) his life because of her casual attitude about helping this horse. The owner was anticipating the funds from this horse to settle his debts and now he can’t. Serious buyers please call TODAY!. See more photos on “Cordon Bleu’s” Thoroughbred horse for sale page.

"Loui" is another horse from this trainer who needs a home today!

This owner/trainer has another wonderful and quiet Thoroughbred horse for sale. Check out “Loui’s” photos. He would make a great horse for a Pony Clubber or even an older woman.

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