Five NEW Special Thoroughbred Horses For Sale

croatian-sensation_20100329_07We were fortunate recently to make contact with a breeder who has given her horses great training from the day they were born. She started them slow and did not race them until they were three. They retired at five and came home to the farm.

She has now gotten out of racing and these horses are living on her farm in Tennessee. She would like to see each of the five horses find a special home with a second career. They are all guaranteed sound for any career. If you fall in love with one of these special horses you must understand that his breeder loves him too and wants to stay in touch with the new owner.

I would like these horses to go to a ‘forever’ home and not be purchased as resale projects. The breeder has written a brief story about each of the horses and how they came by their names. If you decide to purchase one of these horses, you will have the opportunity to speak with her and find out even more about the backgrounds of her ‘children’. These horses have been turned out for months or even years so they will need a more experienced rider to start them. They are all kind and loving and they will learn their new jobs easily.

See photos and read the breeder’s story . . .

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