Four New Thoroughbred Horses For Sale for 2010

Tellin Ellen - 20100101
"Tellin Ellen"

We have a beautiful new gray horse for sale on our Prospect Horses For Sale from the Track page. Check out “Tellin Ellen”. She’s as pretty as Monarch’s Reign who was just sold before Christmas. Gray horses sell fast. Monarch’s Reign was sold the day he went up on this site. Don’t wait if you are looking for a gray horse.

Another popular horse that sells quickly on our Web site is big 17 hand horses. There are not many Thoroughbreds that are 17 hands so when we get one on our site, it gets a lot of interest. “Time 2 Play” is BIG boy.

Time 2 Play
"Time 2 Play" is a 17 hand Thoroughbred

“Time 2 Play” would make a great dressage horse. He is a kind and gentle giant who is ready to retire from racing.

We have another great dressage or eventing Prospect Horse for sale directly from the race track. Check out this pretty bay mare – “Truely High”. She is a very feminine filly that will get a lot of attention at a show. She has an elegant extended trot and carries herself like a dressage horse. She was broke by a dressage rider who started her right. She should be a very easy horse to retrain for a second career.

"Truely High" is a gorgeous dressage or eventing prospect.

We have one older horse who is retiring sound and who would love to be a family horse. Can’t Stay Gotta Run is a 2001 dark bay gelding who is really sweet and easy to ride. He deserves a great home after all his years racing. He is just not trying any more and why should he? It is time to retire and live the good life with a family who will love him and treat him like the special horse he is.

Can't Stay Gottarun is ready to retire from Thoroughbred racing.
Can't Stay Gottarun is ready to retire from Thoroughbred racing. He would make a great family horse.
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