Bits & Bytes Farm at the Shakerag Hound fox hunt

Fox Hunting with Bits & Bytes Farm

Bits & Bytes Farm at the Shakerag Hound fox hunt
Four Bits & Bytes Farm Horses and six friends attended the Shakerag Fox Hunt in Hull, GA today. Rocky Bear, Saint Lawrence, Brewster and Political Pull all did great! Brewster began his off-track career fox hunting here in 2003! This was Rocky Bear and Saint Lawrence’s first hunt and they did us proud. Rocky loved it! Saint Lawrence and Political Pull have been to several hunter paces and they handled this with ease.
A fun time was had by all.
Special thanks to Sarah Berhalter for all her help grooming and shooting photos. Rocky especially needed her skills to get his tail clean after the trailer ride to the hunt. He had two baths before leaving the farm including a special appointment with his personal Buckhead stylist Allison McTigue. Kathy Duke braided Saint Lawrence and trimmed all the horses the day before the hunt. Barry was our designated driver and additional photographer. We had cameras with us on the hunt both with the riders and our ‘grooms’ on the Tally Ho wagon.
As I like to say, “A day of fox hunting, a lifetime of stories!”
It was great catching up with so many of our former fox hunt friends from several hunts. Thank you to Shakerag Hounds hunt for making this a great day for all involved. The staff was welcoming and helpful at all times. We were even treated to a Tally Ho of a coyote! How special is that?

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