"Chief" - Bargain priced grey Thoroughbred horse for sale

Great Prices on Thoroughbred Horses

"Comet" - Sport horse prospect priced to go!

If you have been waiting for a bargain on a safe, sane and sound Thoroughbred horse, check out our newest horses for sale direct from the race track or breeders’ farms. We pre-screen our horses and check their history so that we can honestly represent the horses.

"Koko" - 2009 15'2 hand Thoroughbred Gelding For Sale

We are different from most sellers as we do not need to sell you a horse. It is not costing us money if you choose not to buy. We don’t own the horses we represent. We act as agents for the sellers. They hire us to pre-screen the potential buyers to make sure their horses go to good homes with people who have the expertise and resources to retrain them for a second career.

Nona - "2009" Thoroughbred Mare

Our mission is to help place these sound horses and to promote the Thoroughbred breed. We don’t do this for a living — we do it because we are passionate about what happens to Thoroughbreds when they are no longer competitive as race horses but sound enough to have many more years of competition – just not racing.

"Chant" is a 2009 Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

If you want more information on a horse, please call – but first read the information about “Buying Our Horses” so that we don’t have to spend a lot of time explaining why we are not your normal horse sellers. Our Contact Us page has more information about Bits & Bytes Farm and is also recommended reading for new buyers.

We also have a new Bargain Barn horse – “Chief”.

"Chief" - Bargain priced grey Thoroughbred horse for sale

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