Saint Lawrence - March 11, 2012 Photo by Carol Walcoff Dixon

Happy Birthday Baby! Saint Lawrence Turns Two!

Come ride the baby - A NickerDoodle by Melanie EberhardtOur baby at the farm, Saint Lawrence, turns two on May 5, 2012. He is the center of attention at the farm and he likes it that way. He is confident and fearless.

We have done lots of ground training with him and he has learned to wear a saddle and bridle. We will not ride him until late fall as he is growing so fast that his joints need not to be stressed with extra weight.

He measures 16.3 at his butt and his withers are close to that as well. Did we tell you he is just turning two?

Our resident artist, Melanie Eberhardt, has created a very special NickerDoodle for his birthday day. Thank you Miss Melanie.

Melanie’s boy Bubba, race name Lynn’s Vision, is also celebrating his birthday. Visit Melanie’s Web sites for more of her artwork.

Happy Birthday to Bubba and the Baby.

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