New Grey Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

Happy New Year from Bits & Bytes Farm

New Grey Thoroughbred Horse For Sale
“Cozzie” is our newest Thoroughbred horse for sale.
Click on this photo to go to our Facebook page for more details.

May 2014 be a banner year for Thoroughbreds finding new careers after racing!

We have been been promoting OTTBs as sport horses for twelve years now and FINALLY a market is developing for them. Not only do the event riders prize OTTBs, but OTTBs are showing up in the dressage arena. The hunter/jumper people are coming back to their roots — thanks in large part to George Morris. YEAH!

The buyers’ market is getting hotter for Thoroughbreds. We now have lots of competition to find the good ones. Fortunately, we have developed long term relationships with owners and trainers who care what happens to their horses when the racing is over.

We will always have a few hand picked Thoroughbred prospects for you to choose from but you need to call fast as there are lots of people looking for safe, sane, and sound Thoroughbreds.

We hope that 2014 brings you and your horses all the best!

God bless,
Bits & Bytes Farm

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