Happy Thanksgiving from Bits & Bytes Farm

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Bits & Bytes Farm
It has been a blessed year so far – and for this we thank God.

We have found homes for many off-the-track Thoroughbreds and we have increased the size of our Bits & Bytes Farm family. Each person who gets one of our horses is asked to stay in touch. Families help each other and share in the successes and sorrows of horse ownership. Your stories are special to us.

We lost a few horses due to colic this year and that is always difficult. We know that each and every person we place a horse with loves the horse and gives it the best possible care. For this we are thankful. We are thankful that our buyers opened up their hearts to owning an off-the-track Thoroughbred. We are thankful they share their stories for our OTTB Success Stories Web site so that others might be encouraged to also own an ex-racer. We are thankful when they call and ask for advice or resources because we want to help make the match a success. We are thankful when they ask us to help find a new home if that becomes necessary due to whatever circumstances.

Our Thanksgiving table will include a wide range of friends who we consider our extended family – some are buyers of our horses, some are former boarders and neighbors – all of them are special to us here at Bits & Bytes Farm. They are another reason we are thankful this holiday. They are the people who give us the strength and support to continue our mission of finding homes for ex-race horses and promoting the Thoroughbred breed. They nourish our soul and help us to remember that we all need each other and that the Thoroughbreds at the track need us to help them survive and thrive after racing.

After dinner, we will take a break before dessert to introduce the new horses and the old favorites to our guests. Peppermints, apples and carrots will be the Thanksgiving treats shared with our horses. Our Thoroughbreds are the best ambassadors for the breed. Each guest will leave having kissed a velvet muzzle or felt the warm soft breath of a big Thoroughbred teddy bear and each guest will hear us retell your stories of what your horse has meant to you and how getting a Thoroughbred made your life more full . . . and ours too. Thank you for staying in touch and thank you for loving a Thoroughbred!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Elizabeth & Barry

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