Lincecum - Missing Thoroughbred

HELP! Lost Thoroughbred – SAFE!

UPDATE August 8, 2018 – From Amy M. Coburn, DVM

I wanted to inform everyone that when Lincecum’s current owner became aware of my concerns, she reached out to Netposse. When I filed the report to locate him, I had agreed to pay a reward and pay for any associated veterinary expenses. The owner’s veterinarian confirmed the tattoo number and provided a treatment for his white line disease. I have not personally spoken with the current owner. Netposse has spoken with her and her name and phone number have been provided to the non-profit that was involved with placing him when he initially retired from racing. So, the non-profit will be able to follow-up on him at this point. I am very happy that this warhorse is currently safe.  He has had 4 different owners in less than a year. So, I hope that his current owner will be his forever home. I greatly appreciate everyone who played a critical role in helping get the word out so that we could locate Lincecum and provide an opportunity for follow-up communication. I am personally and professionally grateful to each and every one of you for all of the hard work you do to help retired racehorses. 


2008 15.2 Hand Dark Bay Gelding
By Onebadshark out of P R’s Princess by Surachai 
Bred in CA by Wayne Atwell & Peggy Atwell

Lincecum - Missing Thoroughbred

We are posting this for Amy M. Coburn, DVM (her contact info is below)

This a California OTTB who may need to be recovered.  The original buyers bought him for the Retired Racehorse Project and sold him to Veronica Bastianon. She sold this horse for a listing price of $500 in less than 48 hours after being posted on Facebook (the for sale post has been removed; screenshot in Dropbox file below).  He is a war horse and is lame and needs veterinary care.  We all know that these horses are difficult to place and it is highly unlikely that he was placed in a good home for that sale price in that time frame.  I have contacted Equine Racers, the Retired Racehorse Project, and local individuals I know who work with OTTBs and/or go to auctions and look for OTTBs.  I do not have an e-mail address for CANTER, but I will use the contact us option to send this to them.  The seller will not provide me with any information (message conversation in Dropbox file).  In addition, I offered to donate veterinary services and she did not reply.  I am sending this e-mail to everyone I know in the OTTB community.  If you have any information or leads to the location of this horse, please contact me.  I can temporarily foster him.  However, if he can be recovered, I will need assistance in placing him (hopefully at a permanent sanctuary where he will not be available for adoption).  It appears that this horse has already had multiple homes in a short time frame and needs to be somewhere safe.

This horse was registered to compete in the Thoroughbred Makeover.  I contacted the Retired Racehorse Project and they replied immediately.  Hopefully they can help expedite locating him.  
Below are links to all of the information I could find.  If you have any contacts who can keep an eye out for him to end up at an auction, please share this information with them.  I greatly appreciate your time and assistance in locating this horse.
I compiled screenshots because the for sale post has already been removed:
Here are all of the relevant links we could find:
Thoroughbred Makeover Page:
YouTube Video:

Lincecum Facebook page:

Seller Facebook Page:


If you have ANY information, please contact:

Amy M. Coburn, DVM, MS, cVMA, CMT


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