Ice storm 2015

Ice Storm of 2015 at Bits & Bytes Farm


Weather in Georgia can be very unpredictable. Just as we were celebrating the first signs of Spring we got hit with an ice storm.



I always look forward to the second week in February because my daffodils blossom. I was excited to see them burst forth in color even though the temperatures varied between high sixties and low 20s the week before. I had just sent out my flower photos to my friends and family in the Northeast, who have suffered one of the worst winters ever, when BANG Winter came back to Georgia with an ice storm to be followed by arctic blast later this week — temps in the single digits.

Last night we could hear trees snapping and falling during the 10pm feeding. My worry for daylight was that we would be finding lots of broken fence lines. We had already lost one fence due to high winds on Friday and my fear was for lots more work ahead. We were hoping and praying that no trees would fall on the barn or house during the night. Many of our friends were without power last night. We shut down all the computers and network hoping that we would not loose power but not taking any chances of a power surge putting us out of business.

Fortunately we awoke with power and an inspection around the farm showed ice covered trees and downed limbs and branches but none large enough to take out the fence lines. I am hoping that we have some trees down on our trails so that we have more cross country obstacles to jump. Enjoy the ice encrusted tree photos and know that all the horses are safe and sound in an undamaged barn this morning.

Thank you God!

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