Know In Advance Meets Her New Mom


Our EARLY RELEASE Mailing List is great if you are looking to find a safe, sane and sound Thoroughbred before it becomes public on the Internet. We send out emails to people on the list whenever we get a new Thoroughbred horse for sale. A recent mailing for “Knowing” was sent out and Karen McPeak had her interest “peaked”. She wasted no time in getting more information on this beautiful chestnut mare. Within a few days the mare was vetted out at the track and within a week (shipping delayed due to weather) Karen and Know In Advance were together. Karen has decided to call Know In Advance – “Rosa”. 

“Rosa” is a kind gentle off-the (beaten) track Thoroughbred as you will read in the blog she writes – with the help of her minion (mom).  Read more about “Rosa” and her new life in Georgia on her blog.

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