Last Chance for Mike’s Kong

UPDATE: Mike’s Kong is safe. He is going to a farm that breeds Quarter Horses. Thank you to all who offered to help this horse.

I got this last chance call for a horse named Mike’s Kong. Can anyone help? He is in eastern Pennsylvania. We don’t usually do rescues but I hate to hear these kind of stories. He is a colt so maybe someone would want him for a breeding program. We cannot save them all but let’s try to save this one for my friends. He is FREE to a good home.

Here is what came to me:

Mike’s Kong  is a 2006 colt. He ran as a two and three year old and last October he came to the farm I work at as a layup. He has had knee surgery for the removal of several knee chips. His prognosis after surgery was poor for racing, and he is not progressing rapidly with his recovery so the owner wants to euthanize him. I have been trying to find him a home for a month now and time has run out (his owner will no longer pay his board). He is scheduled to be put down on Thursday. Lauren started working with me recently and she has kindly offered to take him to her house until we can find him a home, but I know that will be a hardship to her.

Mike’s Kong is a gorgeous boy. He is big bodied, about 16 hands or more. He is a bright bay with four white socks and a blaze. He really is stunning. I am sure I could braid him and take him to Wellington and pass him off as a warmblood show hunter. He is quiet and easy to work around.

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