Lets Make This Independence Weekend for Thoroughbreds!

Heather's Best in 2005 at Bits & Bytes Farm
Ex-steeplechaser, Heather's Best at Bits & Bytes Farm in 2005.

We lost one to racing this week but there are others that need a new career.

We can’t save every Thoroughbred race horse – but we can save as many as possible! Call if you see one that tugs at your heart. We have several Prospect Horses at the Track that need homes quickly. The prices have never been lower. Lets make this Independence Weekend for Thoroughbreds!

These horses are running for their life in each race. At any time another horse could fall in front of them and take them down as well. Being a jockey is more dangerous that being a boxer, and is only just outranked in the most dangerous job stakes by off-shore fishermen.

Heather's Best now competes in eventing with his mom Jennifer DeGier in NJ
Heather's Best now competes in eventing with his mom Jennifer DeGier in NJ five years after he finished his racing career.

When a horse no longer has the desire to run, it is time for us to help him find a new career. Running when they do not have their heart in their job leads to injury and possible death.

Read our OTTB Success Stories and see how these fine athletes transition to their new careers as sport horses and family members.

Heather's Best and Jennifer DeGier.
Heather's Best and Jennifer DeGier 2008.

The horse on this page is Heather’s Best. We got him off-the-track in April 2005. He was at Bits & Bytes Farm as one of Elizabeth’s favorites for three years before she let him go to a wonderful new mom who would take advantage of his many talents. Read Heather’s Best’s Success Stories.

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