“Lucky” Gets Lucky


Our favorite boy “Lucky” has found his special person! Heather Blair of Warner Robbins, GA is the lucky lady who will get to share “Lucky’s” zest for life. Heather is a good friend of Dr. Susan Llewallyn Goodman (Imatexan and Audible – the mule). “Lucky” will be with Heather until he retires and then he will return to Bits & Bytes Farm. Heather loves his ‘can do attitude’ and they should have a great time together. “Lucky” has been the unofficial mascot of Bits & Bytes Farm for years and he will be missed by all but we know he deserves to be the center of attention for one special person. Heather is “Lucky’s Lady”.

Lucky is still jumping eight years after leaving the track!
Lucky is still jumping eight years after leaving the track.

“Lucky” raced until he was nine years old when he came to Bits & Bytes Farm. He is still sound (and has been since he left the track) eight years later as he starts another new career in dressage and trail riding. He still loves to jump – as high as you like!

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