Maintaining the Riding Arena at Bits & Bytes Farm

Riding Arena at Bits & Bytes Farm - February 23

Maintaining good footing in a riding arena is important to keep your horses sound. If the footing is too deep, you can get suspensory and tendon injuries. If it is too hard, the impact on the horse's hooves and legs can cause injuries as well. The weather is a big factor in maintaining a riding arena. Too dry and you get dust. Too wet and the arena can become slippery or even be ruined by a horse's foot going deep into the base layer and mixing clay with the top layer of footing.

At Bits & Bytes Farm we have the tools to maintain our arena. We have a tractor, a drag rake, and a rotary rake to adjust the surface of the arena no matter what the weather. This winter in Georgia we have gotten double the amount of precipitation as normal - including six inches of snow! Yet, despite the weather, we have been able to safely ride in our arena within a day or two of excessive moisture thanks to the tools at our disposal.

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