Temporarily Safe But Needs a Permanent Home ASAP!

UPDATE Monday 7/20/09: We have found a temporary foster home for Caritas. but we need to find a permanent home for him. Please call if you can help. He is FREE to a good home with a donation to a rescue and reimbursement to his foster home.

UPDATE: We only have one more day to find a home for this horse. His feet will be fine. There is no rotation. He just needs bar shoes and daily care until his feet grow out. Call ASAP if you have the resources and can offer this horse a safe home. We will help you resell him if it does not work out or if you only want to foster this horse. He is kind, gentle and sweet. His owners care enough not to sell him to low end racing but they need him to find another home now or he will be euthanized.

Almost FREE Thoroughbred horse for sale.

Check out our Bargain Barn for a new horse. We need to find him a home soon or he may not be around long. He is kind as a kitten. He has been battling white line disease in his feet. His vet says he will make a full recovery with proper foot care. He just needs some TLC and a little love. If you have time but no money and you want a really nice horse that should be sound for any career, check out Caritas.

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