Lightly raced

New Bay Thoroughbred Gelding For Sale – SOLD!

Lightly raced

UPDATE July 31, 2012: Tillo has been SOLD!

We seem to have a run on chestnut Thoroughbred geldings for sale. We have some really nice ones including Katiejakes Journey, Brassador and “Mark”. Finally we have a bay!

Tillo is from our favorite breeder in Kentucky. We almost had the chance to sell him last year as a two year-old. I am sure his breeder wishes she had sold him. Tillo is now three and has raced a total of five times and only won one race. He did not even place in the other races. Tillo is just too kind and sweet a horse to be a good race horse. He has all the things necessary to make a good sport horse: quiet, kind, good feet, sound and sane. He loves kids, being brushed and he even does stretches and knows a few tricks. Check him out on Tillo’s Prospect Horse For Sale page.

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