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Captain Arias June2001
Captain Arias - 2001

Bits & Bytes Farm’s history goes back to 2001 when Web design was just in its infancy and we got our first horse off-the-track. This Web site started as a way to test the new Internet marketing tools as a way to find homes for Thoroughbreds we brought into the farm. Our Web site has grown to over 10,000 pages and has training notes and success stories from the beginning. As a marketing tool . . . it is the best! To date we have found homes for over 300 Thoroughbreds when they finished their racing careers. We have between 500 and 1000 visitors to this site every day! Not too bad for a little farm in Georgia.

We have years of information on our site. It is impossible to make the older pages match the newer pages. As you navigate our site you will see pages that look different. These are older pages which document our history and offer advice for off-the-track Thoroughbred horse owners. The Web technology implemented on the newer pages would necessitate redoing the older pages. We have no time for that – we have horses! Little by little the main pages will be moved over to the new look but until then, use our NEW home page to find what you are looking for on this Web site.

Bits & Bytes Farm Home page

Our journey in finding homes for ex-race horses ties into our constant need to learn new Web design skills. This Web site is a “work in progress” and will always be so. There will always be new horses needing a new career away from racing. We will always be searching for new ways to display their stories, photos and videos.

We create Web sites for a living and we understand the need to keep content fresh and easy to find. To this point we have updated the home page to look like the new newz section. It has all the important links to old and new content listed at the bottom of the page. You may have missed some of the important information offered on this site. Take some time to look over the list at the bottom of the page and see just how much information is available to our visitors.

Happy Web surfing! Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself in another time (and look) on the Web site. Call us if you would like to create a new or update an old Web site. We will implement good design and make it so the search engines like Google can find it and index it so your Web site will be highly visible to potential customers.

— Elizabeth

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