Welcome to Our New Newz!

So much happens at Bits & Bytes Farm that we needed a quick and easy way to tell our stories. We also wanted to be able to show our history as an archive that can be quickly searched. Find the latest information on our new NEWZ section of the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site. Our Thoroughbred Horses For Sale, at the farm or  still at the track, on now easily found on our new pages in this section.

One of the best new features are our photo galleries. They make it easier to see photos of your favorite Thoroughbred Horses For Sale.

If you are finding that the site is slow to load, please update your browser to the latest versions of IE 8 or Firefox. Firefox is the safest and fastest Web browser. The new Newz takes advantage of Web 2.0 features not optimized for older browser versions.

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