Chiropractic Page Added Under – Training Thoroughbreds

Does your horse need chiropractic care?

That is the title of our new page. I receive many e-mails each week from people following our site who have problems with their horses. Our buyers can pick up the phone and call us but where do the other Thoroughbred buyers get help? The purpose of this Web site is to promote the Thoroughbred horse as a sport horse. We want to provide information to owners, of off-the-track Thoroughbreds, to help make them make the transition from race horse to sport horse successful.

Many times the issues they describe can be helped with chiropractic care. But how do you know when your horse needs an adjustment and what do you do to help keep him in alignment?

This issue has been discussed on the Training Notes From Elizabeth section but we thought we would make the information easier to find — to make it easier on us so we added a new page under Training Thoroughbreds menu. We also added new video to the original page showing a horse that obviously has muscle soreness. We want to help Thoroughbred owners with their questions but this is not a full time job and our time is limited for answering e-mails and phone calls.

Bounced has new photos on his page.

You will find lots of information about training Thoroughbreds and how to purchase one with our help on this site. Please take the time to enjoy reading about training these wonderful horses. Don’t miss reading the OTTB Success Stories on our sister site.

Speaking of training, don’t miss the new photos of Bounced. Bounced is a horse for sale at our farm.

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