New Page! A Buyer’s Insight to Purchasing an OTTB

Learn why this buyer purchased her Thoroughbred from Bits & Bytes Farm.

NEW PAGE: A buyer’s story

I know that there are many many people out there who would really like to purchase a Thoroughbred but are:

  1. afraid they won’t be able to  ride it
  2. afraid they will be sold a crazy horse that is not a good match
  3. afraid they will not know how to train it
  4. afraid of what their friends, trainer or family will say

I know because at some point people get up the courage to stop stalking and and start talking.

We know your reasons because others have felt the same way but they have called to talk to us about their concerns.

OK, so we know we can match most people with a great ex-race horse but how do YOU know we are successful at this venture when so many others are not?

Read our OTTB Success Stories and follow the horse you’ve been stalking but missed out on because you did not call. We have also put a buyer’s story up on this site. Read Jodi Penn’s thoughts on why she decided to give us a call. There is lots of information on this site about Buying Our Horses, now read from the buyer WHY. Enjoy. Be sure to read Brat Maverick’s Success Stories on our sister site.

We are waiting for your call. . .

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