New Photos and Videos

ridge_20110825_012We have new photos and video of our gorgeous chestnut “Ridge”. He looks like a million dollars but he is priced for a quick sale.

We also have a beautiful black 16.3 hand horse named “Beach” listed in our EARLY RELEASE program on our Facebook page. If you want to see the newest horses for sale – right away – then ‘Like’ our Facebook page. When we get a new horse for sale we list it up on Facebook first so our dedicated fans get to see it first. “Beach” is getting lots of attention and may not make it over to our Web site before he is sold.


Call ASAP on any horse you see that you have interest in but please read the pages under Buying our Horses BEFORE calling. We do not sell horses for a living and our time is limited do to the necessity of working for a living creating Web pages. We are happy to talk with you between the hours of 9AM and 9PM EDT. We are located in Atlanta, GA so please remember that when calling from other time zones.

  1. When you call, tell us your experience with training horses.We will not sell a Track Prospect to someone without the experience to train a young horse unless there is an experience trainer who will be involved.
  2. We would love to hear stories about all the horses you have previously owned but we don’t have that much time to spare.
  3. Tell us which horses you like and what your budget is.The prices are set by the sellers. We will tell you what horses are in your price range.

We have several horses under $2500 right now so even if your budget is limited, you can get a good horse at this time of the year.

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