Unraced Thoroughbred horse for sale from Bits & Bytes Farm

New Unraced Thoroughbred Horse For Sale – SOLD!

"Striker" is an unraced Thoroughbred horse for sale from Bits & Bytes Farm.

UPDATE August 2014: Congratulations to Caryl Berzack of Maysville, GA on the purchase of Shank Hill Striker aka “Striker”!

We work closely with breeders and owners of Thoroughbred horses to help them find second careers for their horses when their racing careers are over. Our sellers care about what happens to their horses after their racing careers. Sometimes a horse does not even show the speed in training to continue on to take him to the races.

What do you do with a sound three year-old Thoroughbred who is not going to make it as a race horse? Call Bits & Bytes Farm!

See our newest racing washout/sport horse prospect “Striker”. “Striker” does not have what it takes to be a winning race horse. We have found new homes after racing for both his brother and his sister and we can tell you from experience, they don’t come with any better personalities. I guess when a horse is sweet and kind it does not bode well for a competitive career like racing. The more sweet the better for us.

Visit Shank Hill Striker’s Prospect Horse For Sale page.

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