"Siggy" - Thoroughbred horse for sale

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"Siggy" - Thoroughbred horse for sale
Many times people shy away from older race horses or horses that have been in a lot of races. They think they are all used up when in reality, the horses that are still racing after four years or more might just be the ones you want. Why? Many Thoroughbreds wash out of racing at two and three because they are pushed too hard and end up with an injury. I always look a lot closer and get the full background if I find a horse for sale that is under four. It may be that the trainer just does not see any potential in the youngster and wants to move the horse to a new career before it gets injured. Or, it could be the horse has an injury and won’t hold up for a racing career. Can you be sure which it is?

If you vet out a Thoroughbred that is older and/or raced a lot, you know that he has been tried and tested doing something that is a lot more strenuous than what most of us will ever do with our horses. If he is sound after a racing career, then you can most likely be sure he will remain sound in a show career. Do a thorough vet check and tell the vet what you want to do with the horse. Even horses with old problems, that are now racing sound, should not be overlooked.

We have a new page about why the prices of Thoroughbreds is going up. Yes. People are now buying Thoroughbreds like crazy. Check our our new page with More Pricing Information. And while you are wandering around our site, check out our newest Thoroughbred horse for sale – “Siggy”.

Update: “Siggy” is no longer available.

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