Read About Retraining a Thoroughbred Off-the-Track

Follow Reign Day's Training Diary to see that retraining an ex-race horse is not difficult.

Reign Day’s Training Diary continues. We have taken the opportunity to expand on Reign Day’s training to explain some of the myths of retraining an ex-race horse. It is our hope that by following Reign Day’s training you will learn that it is not difficult to retrain an ex-race horse if you have experience riding.  Dressage is the basis of all kinds of riding. Dressage done as a training tool teaches the horse to be balanced and quietly respond to the position of the rider and her aids. Dressage can be the fancy airs above the ground or a musical freestyle but for our purposes, dressage is the basis of all our training. Straightness, rhythm and balance will benefit the horse no matter what his future career brings and that is what we strive to achieve. To be able to shorten a horse’s stride by sitting up and half halting will help in jumping a combination or in barrel racing. Dressage is important for any kind of riding — English or Western. It teaches the horse to listen to the rider and to willingly respond correctly. Reign Day is learning his lessons well. Read Reign Day’s Diary of Training an Ex-Race Horse. Each day we will write up his lessons so that you can ride along for the fun of it until you get your own OTTB! Day Five has now been posted.

We love our Thoroughbreds! Happy Valentines Day!

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