Safe Passage - Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

Safe Passage – NEW Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

Safe Passage - Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

Safe Passage aka ‘Paddy’ – He carries himself bigger than he is and he is a fabulous mover!

Safe Passage aka ‘Paddy’ is a 2013, 16.1 hh gelding. He last raced on December 20, 2018. He has been enjoying some barefoot time being turned out and getting to be a horse. These pictures do not do him justice. He is a big boned good looking guy who moves so free from his shoulder and hip. He naturally oversteps at the walk. Again, he is barefoot and we had him trot up and down about 15 times on the asphalt and not once did he hesitate or take a bad step. He should make a fabulous dressage horse or maybe even an eventer.

‘Paddy’ carries himself like a much larger horse than he is. He does have some racehorse ankles of which the owner has x-rays. They will be included for release to anyone interested in him and can be compared to x-rays you will have done in a prepurchase exam. He retired sound. We feel that he is not for a novice first-time horse owner because he has real talent and should go to someone who can retrain him to his full potential. He has way too much potential to just sit around.

Safe Passage - Thoroughbred Horse For SaleExcellent Breeding 

Safe Passage is a well-bred horse. His sire is Congratswho won almost a million dollars and is a son of A.P Indy who is the son of Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew. Congrats raced and placed in stakes races until he was six! Congrats shuttles between Kentucky and Australia as he is in that much demand as a sire. On his dam’s side, Safe Passage is the grandson of Street Crywho won over $5 million dollars and is the sire of the great racing mare Zenyatta, Street Box and Winx. Street Cry is also a world-traveling sire also shuttling between Kentucky and Australia. Click on the Pedigree and Race Records links below to learn more about this very well bred horse.

‘Paddy’ is vice-free and up to date on everything. He travels quietly on a trailer. He cross-ties (most racehorses do not). He has been ridden in an Australian stock saddle and does not mind it at all. He has no muscle and no topline as he has been retired since December just standing in a field. He could use about 150 pounds too. That is an easy fix. Put some training and feed into this horse and you will have a magnificent horse that will be noticed in the show arena. If you have a good eye you know what we mean. If you don’t, oh well. You might just miss out on what we call a ‘diamond in the rough’. Take a look at his sire Congrats to get an idea of what he could be. 

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