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Shopping For Thoroughbred Horses for the Retired Racehorse Project?

Find your Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred on the Bits & Bytes Farm web sites.Let the shopping begin!! The elections are over and the Retired Racehorse Project has a winner. Congratulations to our friend Lauren Turner on winning the Dressage Championship AND America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred! The phones have started ringing with buyers looking for Thoroughbreds to compete in next year’s Retired Racehorse Project. Tracks are shutting down in the north for the winter. This is a great time to buy!

There is a limited supply of safe, sane and sound Thoroughbreds for sale. Many are being grabbed up by trainers racing at low-end tracks with big purses due to casino gambling. Others are being sought by people competing for The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program awards.

Many of the Thoroughbreds purchased for last year’s Retired Racehorse Project never made it to the competitions. Why? They could not hold up to the rigorous training needed to get to the finals.

Exercise rider at the track galloping a Thoroughbred
Find inexpensive prospect horses on our site: Thoroughbred Horses For Sale

We had many buyers looking for $1000 Thoroughbreds. They are out there and they MAY be sound but more than likely, they are priced that low due to an injury or problem that may crop up when you start training the horse hard for the Retired Racehorse Project. Be sure to know the history of the horse you are buying. A racing Thoroughbred’s record is an open book. I am surprised at how many people don’t do their homework and find out the history of the horse they want to purchase.

A sound Thoroughbred can be sold to low end racing for $2500 in a heartbeat. If a seller is offering the horse for a lot less, then ask yourself why?

Former Thoroughbred race horse Alphanumeric competed in the Retired Racehorse Project in 2015
Former Thoroughbred racehorse Alphanumeric competed in the Retired Racehorse Project in 2015. In 2016, he is competing in eventing at the Prelim Level with his owner Angela Lenning.

Why would a trainer sell the horse for next to nothing when Thoroughbreds are in demand for showing, racing, the Retired Racehorse Project, and The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program awards?

If the deal is too good to be true, it may be. Many of breeders and good trainers will help you with your horse search – if they know you and trust you. If you don’t have the track contacts, look at the Thoroughbreds that we have for sale. Bits & Bytes Farm has been finding homes for safe, sane, and sound Thoroughbreds since 2001. WE have great contacts and we have done the background checks for you. We inspect and research every Thoroughbred BEFORE it goes on our site. We follow the horses and make sure they still are as we represented them. Our Thoroughbred sellers care about their horses and want us to find homes for them and follow their successes.

There ARE Thoroughbreds available now but they won’t last long. If you see a horse you like on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web sites, don’t wait to call. Call us at 770-704-6595 between 9 am and 9 pm and we will see if we can match you with your next competition or pleasure partner.Visit our newest web site: www.thoroughbred-horses-for-sale-web-site to see our Prospect Horses


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