Bobbi's story

The Reality of Being a Horseman

My great night having dinner with my sisters was shattered when I got home to find out the mare that lives next to us broke her leg somehow and was put down while I was having dinner.
RIP Miss Bobbi.
This is why horsemen never leave the horses.

By Kender MacGowan

Miss Bobbi lived in the corral closest to my door, 30 feet away.

She would greet you when you stepped out each morning with a quiet nicker. She hated the landscapers and change. Move one of her buddies or fire up landscape equipment and she would pace, back and forth, until the landscapers left.

Tonight, while I was at dinner with my sisters and explaining to her friends what we go through, Miss Bobbi threw her last tantrum.

Somehow she broke a leg in a way I'd never seen. Even the vet had never seen it break like that. She was in pain, irreparable, and shocky.

The vet came as fast they possibly could. There was no repair possible. Miss Bobbi passed peacefully.

Gwen got in ten minutes before I did and broke the news. Tomorrow I will expect but not get my morning greeting and I will be heartbroken.

This is the life of those who choose it. Tragedy and triumph are just around each moment.

She loved her skritches and her carrots. She would fall asleep being groomed, and she would nibble on your ear. She was high strung, and sweet and gentle, and will be missed.

She lies in repose thirty feet from where I write this. I am sorry I was not here to hold your head and give you comfort as you passed. This is why horsemen don't like to leave the horses unattended.

She was comforted in her last moments by people who love her. That's all you can hope for in this life.

So God Made a Horseman

With apologies to Paul Harvey

So, God looked down on His creation and saw that the horse was special, and He thought I will need someone special to care for the horse.

So God made a horseman.

He said I'm going to need someone who will go out in any weather to put on blankets, throw feed, water off and make sure the horses are well.

So God made a horseman.

He said I'm going to need someone with patience and compassion who can deal with a terrified, fractious colt in a new situation and calm him down enough to get him on a trailer.

So God made a horseman.

God said I'm going to need someone to study anatomy, nutrition, and medicine, someone who's willing to get up every two hours to administer a treatment for days on end, someone who will stay up all night with a colicky horse and when dawn comes is still willing to do morning chores no matter how exhausted they feel.

So God made a horseman.

He thought I will need someone who will sit up on foal watch, jump to their feet at 4 A.M in a driving, freezing rain and get down in the mud to help a mare who is in distress give birth.

So God made a horseman.

He said I'm going to need someone who can take a newborn foal and teach them to wear a halter, get their feet picked, stand for a bath and the farrier, load in a trailer, and learn all the other things a horse needs to know.

So God made a horseman.

He said I'm going to need someone with the heart to be the first one on a horse's back, who's willing to send him on, someone who can stay on his back long enough when he gets silly to correct him and make him a good horse for any discipline.

So God made a horseman.

He said I'm going to need someone willing to keep a horse after he's too old to do his work, give him a quiet pasture and spoil him with treats.

So God made a horseman.

Finally, He thought, I'm going to need someone who has the strength, when the ailments of old age or injury are beyond his earthly ability to repair, to humanly end the suffering of his horse, even though his heart is breaking and barely see through his tears.

So God made a horseman.

It is said heaven is a never-ending meadow, filled with the thundering of the hooves of all of creations horses, and your friends you know and loved will be waiting for you atop a small hill, under a great oak, layin on the plushest, sweetest grasses in all of heaven.

You Never Know

by Kender MacGowan

You never know
What the day will bring
The last time you'll see someone,
Hear them talk, or laugh or sing,
You never know
If today's the end of your race,
Will you ever see the rain again?
Or feel the sun on your face?
You never know
If tomorrow will dawn for you,
Perhaps this is your final sunset
So what is one to do?
Hold close the ones you love
None know when they are gonna go
It's precious and short, this lovely life
So don't forget, you never know.

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