"Collio" - Beautiful Bay Thoroughbred Horse For Sale from the Track

“Collio” – Big Beautiful Bay Boy – SOLD!

"Collio" - Beautiful Bay Thoroughbred Horse For Sale from the Track

SOLD! Congratulations to Dana Katselas of Walden, NY on the purchase of Cold Feet aka  “Collio”.

“Collio” is a 16.3 hand, 2006 bay Thoroughbred gelding. He was claimed in 2009 and has been with the same trainer since then. He has been galloped by the same gallop boy since then and groomed by the same groom since then. We have been watching this horse work out daily for six years and waiting for the chance to find him a new home.

“Collio” has no soundness issues and we confirmed this by speaking with the horse’s vet. He has never been injected by the current trainer and there is no reason why he ever would have been. This horse is extremely well loved by his racing connections. Tears were streaming down everyone’s eyes when we showed up to take his pictures.

Yes, this horse could continue to win on the bottom but his trainer would rather retire him now then have someone claim him from him and continue to race him. Since he has held up this long for racing, with no injuries, he should remain sound for a long second career doing any kind of competition. He is sound and clean legged up-to-date on everything. He is a ham in the barn asking for attention and treats. When “Collio” needed time off, he has been turned out and he is great in the pasture.

This horse has super star presence on the track you cannot miss him galloping out there. He is naturally round and uses himself. He is well behaved but still has some energy to him. Do not overlook him because of his age — he is just heading into his prime for a show horse. He could event, do dressage or be a master huntsman horse.

It is a must that the new owner keeps in touch with his track connections. This is one special horse looking for his special owner. He has shipped all over to race and gladly jumps on the trailer to travel. This horse has seen it all and would make the transition from track to ring with no problem. He is class from the ground up. He is priced right to the right home.

“Collio” is eligible for the $100,000 Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium at the Kentucky Horse Park this October.  He is currently in race training and is still at the track.

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