Kokopelli has been SOLD!

Kokopelli – SOLD!

 Kokopelli has been SOLD!

UPDATE April 2016 – Kokopelli has been SOLD! Congratulations to Claudine Charron of Jamestown, RI on the purchase of Koko!

Kokopelli  is a 2009, 15’2+ hand Thoroughbred gelding for sale from his owner/trainer. He is super sweet and super loving. He was very, very laid back on-the-track and would jog on a loose rein until you asked him to gallop and then, he would even gallop on a loose rein.

"Koko" - 2009 15'2+ hand Thoroughbred Gelding For SaleThoroughbred horse for sale - Kokopelli loves to jump!Koko” did not want to be a race horse. He just didn’t have the drive but he just loves to be ridden and handled. He has a huge loping stride that is so comfortable we feel he would make a great field hunter. He has been training with Bits & Bytes Farm trainer Kathy Duke since October. He now has a strong foundation in dressage, ground work and he has begun his jumping training. He is quiet on the trails and enjoys jumping small logs. “Koko” has been a breeze to train and we hope that he will find a show home or at least a home where someone will appreciate this boys kind attitude and quietness.

Good things come in small packages. “Koko” is priced almost like a Prospect Horse — but he has months of professional training. Kathy’s plan is to purchase another horse to bring to Bits & Bytes Farm for training because “Koko” has been so much fun to train. “Koko’s” price will increase with training but right now he is a steal!

Video of Kokopelli learning to jump!


In Training at Bits & Bytes Farm – click on an image to make it change faster.

At the Race Track Before Coming to Bits & Bytes Farm

Kokopelli loves to jump


Kokopelli - April 12, 2015
Kokopelli is a Thoroughbred horse for sale directly from Bits & Bytes Farm. Come take a test ride.
Kokopelli - April 12, 2015
Kokopelli is a Thoroughbred horse for sale directly from Bits & Bytes Farm. Come take a test ride.


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