16.2 hh Thoroughbred horse for sale - "Alfie"

“Alfie” – 16.2hh Bay Thoroughbred Gelding – SOLD!

16.2 hh Thoroughbred horse for sale - "Alfie"

“Alfie” is a 2008, 16’2 hand bay Thoroughbred gelding for sale from his race trainer. He is clean legged and vice free. This is a fabulously athletic horse with a super kind loveable personality. He has a huge stride and is very easy and laid back on the track to ride. He collects himself naturally and just floats across the ground. “Alfie” would make a fantastic 3-day eventer or hunter/jumper. He is free from his shoulder and hip and has natural impulsion when he travels.

He is already broke to the mounting block and loves to calmly trail ride around the backside on a loose rein after he trains. He is full of sweet attitude and always willing to please with what ever you ask of him.

“Alfie” is just not competitive anymore and needs to move on to a show career. He just is a super sweet, kind boy who loves to play in the water when he gets his baths and will stand all day to be handled. He will whiny at you when he hears the shank be lifted and it is his time to get out. He loads on a step-up or ramp trailer without batting an eye. He is up-to-date on everything and stands perfect for the blacksmith. This is a people pleasing horse who just will excel in the show ring.

SOLD! Congratulations to Angela Lenning of Tuscaloosa, AL on the purchase of Alphanumeric as her new eventing prospect!


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