Is The One has four white stockings

“Is The One” – Not Currently Available – Thoroughbred With Four White Stockings

Is The One has four white stockings

“Is The One” is a 2011, 16.1+ hand high chestnut Thoroughbred gelding for sale from his only owner/trainer. He is super sweet and super full of chrome. This guy just loves attention and is very easy to handle and ride. He was bred and trained by same owner/trainer. He is up-to-date on everything and ready for his new career. He does have a very old bow on his tendon which is set and happened before his race career. It is not a factor in any future career. He is sound for jumping.

UPDATE: “Is the One” is not only sound for jumping but racing too. His owner has returned him to racing until he wins a race. His dam is in foal and will bring more money at the sale as a broodmare if “Is the One” is a winner. Please watch this page, our Facebook page and our Google+ page for notice of when he again becomes available.

“Is The One” would excel at any discipline. He is willing to do anything for his rider. Has no spook or buck in him. He floats across the ground and moves freely from his shoulders. He ships well and is good for the blacksmith. The only reason he is being offered for sale is owner’s husband is gravely ill and they need to make their stable smaller. He could do hunters, dressage, eventing, Western pleasure or trail riding with absolutely no problems.”Is The One” is eligible for the retired racehorse makeover program.

This owner/trainer loves her horses and gives them the best of care. We have sold many horses for her and they have all turned out to be exactly as represented. He is located in Phoenix, AZ so mid-west and western buyers take note — but at this price, you could ship him to Maine and still be well under our top price for Prospect Horses. This horse is one of the kindest as well as prettiest horses you will ever meet. He has been well cared for. He is very well bred gelding with two Triple Crown winners (Seattle Slew and Secretariat) in his breeding. He is only offered for sale due to a family illness. This horse has had just seven starts due to extenuating circumstances that had nothing to do with his soundness.

We have spent years (since 2001) developing a “stable” of owners and trainers that we trust to honestly represent their horses. Every horse we sell is vetted by the buyer and we put it in our bill of sale that each new owner is to remain in touch with us so that we know the horse was as represented and still safe. Our sellers are very particular about who gets their horses. If a seller ever lies to us, we no longer will help them find homes for their horses. Benefit from our years of finding great horses from great owners. “Is The One” could be the one you are looking for to be your next show partner.

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