"Rita" - Thoroughbred Mare Sale

“Rita” – SOLD!

"Rita" - Thoroughbred Mare For Sale

“Rita” is a very sweet, sound and well behaved mare who has had some bad luck. She was a part of an estate settlement and she got left with her trainer for board and so she did not race when she was younger.

She was five this year when she finally got to her first race and she was claimed! She has done nothing for her new owners in five more races. So, they are sending “Rita” in a package of horses to Puerto Rico to low-end racing in five days if we do not find her a home fast! SOLD!

UPDATE September 17, 2014: “Rita” has found a home in Kansas with Lauren Stiver where she will begin her sport horse career learning dressage so she can become an event horse.

Thank you to all who cared enough to share her information. Unfortunately, there was drama was added to her story that was not true. Her owners and trainer care about their horses and they wanted her to find a home away from racing and that is why they asked for our help. We wish all trainers and owners cared as much as these people do.

She was never in danger of going to slaughter! This kind of hype hurts what we are trying to do when placing horses and this is why many trainers and owners will not list the horses themselves on the Internet. This is why we do not list names on our sale pages. In the past, rescue fanatics have called a Thoroughbred’s former contacts and berated them for not retiring a horse to their farm. This has lead to the auction houses not being able to publish a Thoroughbred’s Jockey Club name which makes it even harder for a rescue group to help.

Not every race horse owner/trainer has a farm or the resources to retire ex-race horses. That is why we help them place these horses. Injured horses or horses not meeting our criteria are sent on to one of the many Thoroughbred rescue groups that work so hard to find good homes for them. Please support their efforts by donating to a Thoroughbred rescue group today. You can help us place the safe, sane and sound Thoroughbreds by sharing their stories as you did for “Rita” but hold the drama! Social media is a double edged sword and trying to make a story more dramatic to place a horse quickly can backfire and do more harm than good. “Rita’s” contacts are good people who take care of their horses extremely well. If you doubt that, just look at the dapples on “Rita”!

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