Titania – SOLD!

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UPDATE November 2009: Titania aka “Titanium” aka “Ana” was sold to by her owner Michelle Stupey to Julie who wanted to take her and work with her. Michelle knew she would take wonderful care of her. The last report she her about her work under saddle, is that she was doing wonderfully, and that Julie was loving every moment of her. Julie’s future plans for Ana include becoming her daughter’s horse when she grows out of her pony.

Titania is doing well. She is coming along nicely. I am still trying to work out the kinks in our flatwork before I start doing courses. She recently got her teeth done and that is helping alot. Now she is happy to do flat work and jump. I started taking her out into our field and jumping her over little logs, she LOVES it. I was going to show her, but I did not have the money for the entry fee.

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