Brassador - Chestnut Thoroughbred horse for sale

Brassador – SOLD!

Brassador - Chestnut Thoroughbred horse for sale“Brass” is a 2004, 16 hand chestnut Thoroughbred gelding for sale from his breeder. He never raced or was in race training. She broke him when he was a two year old and he never gave her a moment’s trouble. She has enjoyed him as a pleasure horse just to ride on the farm whenever time allowed it. He is easy to ride and he is no problem even after some time off. Brass is comfortable in company of other horses as well as alone. Two of the pictures below show him as a baby-sitter for a two year-old filly being ridden in the paddock for the first time – he was a wonderful influence. She has never had any difficulties riding him away from the barn in a big open field without other horses for company. He is happy to walk, trot and canter “on the buckle” and he knows his leads. Brass has only been trailered a few times, but loaded willingly and without hesitation every time. His ground manners are very good.

“Brass” has done some cavalleti and small jumps, he is very willing, just green. His owner is a very experienced rider, but she can’t imagine he would be any trouble for an intermediate rider. Since he is quite green, we would recommend him for a novice rider only under the supervision of a trainer, simply so that his training would continue in the right direction.

“Brass” has a sweet personality, he enjoys being groomed and fussed over. He has been blanketed, his haircoat is excellent. Serious buyers should not wait.


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