Dance - Thoroughbred Eventing Prospect

“Dance” – SOLD!

 Dance - Thoroughbred Eventing Prospect
UPDATE February 17, 2012: Patience pays off! Congratulations to Katie Gibson of Raeford, NC on the purchase of Dance to the Wire. She had to wait for him to race one more time and he won!@#! So he had to race again. . . this time he finished second and Katie finished FIRST on the purchase of this fine horse. Katie put her deposit down on this horse within 24 hours of him being listed on our Facebook page. Act fast if you see a horse you like!

“Dance” is a 2009, 16.1 hand, chestnut Thoroughbred gelding. He is extremely athletic and built to be a 3-Day event horse. If you are looking for a young prospect to bring along slowly, this is the horse. He is well behaved and loves attention and he has been well cared for – check out his dapples! He has had only eight starts in two years and he has not won a race. His trainer really likes his personality and he thinks that he will be very successful away from the track. Young, big, sound horses with a great mind are hard to find. Usually this kind of horse does not come off-the-track until he is five or six. Get him now and train him for a long second career in the show ring or galloping cross country. This is the horse that everyone wants. We want him to go to someone who will bring out his full potential as a sport horse. SOLD!

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Hover over the  image and click on the far right icon in the control bar to see Dance’s slideshow full screen. SOLD!


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