Dr. Sidney – SOLD!

Dr. Sidney - Sold!

Dr. Sidney is a 2007, 16.2 hand stocky dark bay Thoroughbred horse for sale. He has dropped down in racing and has nowhere to go so he is done racing. His owner had a heart attack and needs to sell this horse to pay medical bills. He is an easy horse to work around and he gallops like a baby at the training center he is stabled at. This horse is very well priced for a quick sale. SOLD!

UPDATE March 13, 2012:  Dr. Sidney has arrived safe and sound and is gorgeous!! So much nicer in person then in the pictures, that neck is to die for! He came in the stall, went right to the water and drank half the bucket, started munching hay and pooped, yay! I will go down in a bit with the mash and to refill his buckets. I will try to take some pictures tomorrow after I have had a chance to groom him up a bit. He has a very nice, big, kind eye I am very excited. Please tell his owner thank you for the grain and that he is settling in nicely. Thank you so much!! Susanne

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